Change of status

Change of Status

  • Application

    • Contact ELI before existing status expires
    • Visit ELI and complete application and academic history form
    • Enroll and pay enrollment fee

  • Process

    The following documents are required for the change of status process:

    • Copy of passport and visa
    • Copy of I-94 form
    • Copy of I-539 form
    • Financial documentation (not more than 6 months old)
    • Statement of purpose
    • Original DS-2019 form for J-1 visa holders
    • Copy of work contract for H-1B visa holders
    • Applicable fees

  • Issuance of I-20 form

    Your visa interview at a US embassy/consulate requires that you bring the following documentation:

    • ELI will review your application and request, if necessary, additional or missing information
    • The SEVIS I-901 processing fee can be paid through the ICE website. If you wish, ELI will process the fee and issue you a receipt
    • Once your application is accepted, ELI will create an I-20 form

  • Notify ELI

    • Upon receiving the I-797C Notice of Action, notify ELI and provide a copy
    • If you receive a Request for Evidence, notify ELI and provide a copy
    • Upon receiving the Change of Status approval, notify ELI and provide a copy

  • Assessment and Orientation

    • Attend language assessment and orientation
    • Register for classes

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